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Experiences that the lifestyle has given me

Looking back on the last several years has proven that this choice to continue in the lifestyle is still right for us. Just a list of random things being in the lifestyle has afforded me: Being able to have a first kiss again Being able to have sex with someone for the first time again […]

Baring it all

Well not physically baring it all but emotionally. My parnter and I had a talk last night about Lover.  He actually thought I loved him.  I was actually quite surprised to hear that come out of his mouth.  But to be honest looking at my behavior I guess I could see how he might think […]

Swinging is like a gateway drug

It sounds crazy but the swinging lifestyle (ugh) is honestly becoming like a gateway drug for me.  With my inhibitions a bit freer, my mind opened a bit wider and now having a bit more self-confidence then I did when we first started, I feel like my sexual possibilities are endless.  That it is, endless […]

Fulfilling a sexual fantasy

Ever had a sexual fantasy that you’ve held on to years? I did and still do. Did you ever get the chance to fulfill a fantasy? Was it everything you hoped it would be or was it a complete failure? I recently was able to live out a fantasy of mine although it was completely unexpected, […]

I have a dirty little secret

My secret may not be a big deal to many while to others it would be shocking and probably disgusting.  I think it’s fabulous and sexy.  Hell, I don’t even think it’s that big of deal anymore but that’s because I’m used to it now. Before I spill my secret I want to share the […]