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Naked for a week

My partner and I will be heading to a tropical destination to indulge in our fantasies for week in the near future.  Ahhhhh vacation.  But this is not any regular vacation, its a lifestyle vacation.  Drinking, sex, no inhibitions, no cares, and the chance to be naked for a whole week.

We are headed back to Hedonism II and we can’t wait!  We’ve been before and had a blast.  Hedo is something everyone who is in the lifestyle, open-minded, or just enjoys being nude must experience at some point in their lives.

One would think that staying at a resort that allows for nudity would mean next to no packing required when actually it’s just the opposite.  There are different themes to dress up for daily and nightly so it’s almost twice the packing.  Most of the costumes and outfits are next to nothing really, but still require packing. We’ve been on a shopping spree lately to make sure we have something for each of the themes.  Participating in the themes and events are a lot of fun and a way to show off your naughty side, which seems kind of silly considering everyone’s been naked all day long.  Anyway, it’s fun and I can’t wait.

We’ve been to other lifestyle resorts stateside as well, which were fun as well, but nothing compares to being naked in a 80-90 degree Caribbean setting.



One comment on “Naked for a week

  1. Enjoy – we also like to go to the Cayman Islands during the winter as the weather is perfect except for the noseems but they stop biting after a day or so. Get some for us!


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