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Experiences that the lifestyle has given me

Looking back on the last several years has proven that this choice to continue in the lifestyle is still right for us. Just a list of random things being in the lifestyle has afforded me:

Being able to have a first kiss again

Being able to have sex with someone for the first time again

Wearing outrageous outfits to a club

Dance on a stripper pole

Be a little more confident in who I am

Understand and want more out of sex

Make lots of great friends

Have a KICK ASS social life

Party on the weekends until the sun comes up

Hotel parties

Lifestyle vacations

Whipped cream bikini in front of a bar full of people

Get nude in front of strangers

Skinny dipping

Fun costumes

Have an enormous amount of trust in my partner

Go to parties that are actually fun (with or without the sex)

Connect and chat up strangers easily

Better intimacy with my partner

Increased communication with my partner

Experience with the Sybian (one of these days I will have one!)

Have sex with others around

Become more comfortable in my own skin

Understand that my hangups are just that, mine.


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