First kiss

This first kiss project by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva paired 20 strangers and asked them to kiss for the first time. I think it’s pretty magical and sweet.

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Naked for a week

My partner and I will be heading to a tropical destination to indulge in our fantasies for week in the near future.  Ahhhhh vacation.  But this is not any regular vacation, its a lifestyle vacation.  Drinking, sex, no inhibitions, no cares, and the chance to be naked for a whole week.

We are headed back to Hedonism II and we can’t wait!  We’ve been before and had a blast.  Hedo is something everyone who is in the lifestyle, open-minded, or just enjoys being nude must experience at some point in their lives.

One would think that staying at a resort that allows for nudity would mean next to no packing required when actually it’s just the opposite.  There are different themes to dress up for daily and nightly so it’s almost twice the packing.  Most of the costumes and outfits are next to nothing really, but still require packing. We’ve been on a shopping spree lately to make sure we have something for each of the themes.  Participating in the themes and events are a lot of fun and a way to show off your naughty side, which seems kind of silly considering everyone’s been naked all day long.  Anyway, it’s fun and I can’t wait.

We’ve been to other lifestyle resorts stateside as well, which were fun as well, but nothing compares to being naked in a 80-90 degree Caribbean setting.


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Experiences that the lifestyle has given me

Looking back on the last several years has proven that this choice to continue in the lifestyle is still right for us. Just a list of random things being in the lifestyle has afforded me:

Being able to have a first kiss again

Being able to have sex with someone for the first time again

Wearing outrageous outfits to a club

Dance on a stripper pole

Be a little more confident in who I am

Understand and want more out of sex

Make lots of great friends

Have a KICK ASS social life

Party on the weekends until the sun comes up

Hotel parties

Lifestyle vacations

Whipped cream bikini in front of a bar full of people

Get nude in front of strangers

Skinny dipping

Fun costumes

Have an enormous amount of trust in my partner

Go to parties that are actually fun (with or without the sex)

Connect and chat up strangers easily

Better intimacy with my partner

Increased communication with my partner

Experience with the Sybian (one of these days I will have one!)

Have sex with others around

Become more comfortable in my own skin

Understand that my hangups are just that, mine.

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Birthday gift

Birthday gift

Not the girl, but the bondage bar. I’m surprising my partner with this for his birthday. I hope he likes it. We’ve never really dabbled in BDSM stuff before, but I think it might be time. He expressed interest in this toy when we were at multiple sex stores over the weekend.

Picture from adamandeve.com

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How to enjoy (or not enjoy) an orgy

Pleazure Seekers

An interesting story on salon.com on there author’s orgy experience.http://www.salon.com/2014/03/10/my_casual_night_at_an_orgy_partner/


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I found cloud 9 at a swing club

I am unfortunately one of those women who have a really hard time getting off. It’s probably more mental than physical, but it’s there.  I’ve tried, he’s tried, they’ve all tried.  I’m tired of trying. Ugh. I feel like I’m the only one in a swing club not getting off.  It’s actually quite depressing.  It was one thing when it was just my partner and I having sex and I couldn’t get off but it seems to be worse now being surrounded by sex.  I never associated my lack of enjoyment to my partner because I have been this way all my sexual life.  I figured it was just me and almost after 20 years of sex, I had come to the conclusion that this was just how sex would be for me.  If I use a particular toy while having sex, I can manage to have “little ones” that felt good but weren’t mind-blowing or even felt like the slightest bit of a release.  In fact, the more sex I had, the more frustrated I became, but I learned to live with the disappointment.

Last year I attended a large party hosted by a club. The place was packed full of people, some I knew, some I recognized and some were complete strangers. I rarely go into nights like this with hopes of any action, never mind an orgasm. I know better.

My partner and I ended up in a private room with another couple we met and chatted up several times before.  By the end of our gathering for the very first time, someone actually got me off, with only their hand no less! I wish I could remember every single second of it but unfortunately I can’t. What I do remember is not wanting to move from the bed to return the favor, not because I was greedy, but because it took me several moments to realize what had just happened.

I wanted to just lay there and float. I was floating, that’s the only way I can describe that feeling. I felt like I was mentally and physically a million miles away from where my body laid on that bed in the club. All I wanted to do was just soak in that feeling and just ride it out. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. He had no idea what had just happened and was ready for me to help him out. I don’t believe I actually ended up servicing him all that much because I was just physically and emotionally not equipped to do so at that moment.

I do remember feeling higher than a kite for the rest of the evening when I finally did come to. I was a happy girl. Smiling ear to ear. I told my partner and I gushed about it the entire drive home. It finally happened…to me!!! I felt like I had just won the sexual lottery. I lived on that feeling for the next week or so. I just couldn’t shake it nor did I really want to. I just wanted to relive those precious few moments over and over again.

I’m sad to say that it has happened again but I am happily enjoying my little ones. I will take what I can get.


Always horny at the most inconvenient times

I’ve had sex on the brain for the last 24 hours or so. My partner isn’t home and I don’t have access to any friends with benefits.  Ugh I hate moments like this.  


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